"Once again, the Rocky Mountain Hydro Grinders deliver a total package of polished grind, brutal death metal, tempo abuse, ridiculously impressive bass, guitar and drum performances, outlandish concepts and more fun than has come from the entire country of Sweden. Ever. 8/10" – Decibel

"the band is bashing together every trick in its book – grind, doom, death, technical insanity – into one mind-melting tech stoner-grind smorgasbord. 4/5" – Revolver

"Cephalic's death [metal] is getting more refined. It's just the latest strange development for this strangest of grind bands. By conforming to death metal's abnormalities, Cephalic have, in their own strange way, gotten even stranger. And even better." – Exclaim

"Misled by Certainty continues the band's frontal assault on metal's stylistic boundaries, erasing the relatively minor distinctions between closely related subgenres like grindcore and death metal on "Raped by an Orb" and the much bigger ones that normally separate metal from things like jazz fusion on "Abraxas of Filth." – Chicago Reader

"Astounding…In Misled by Certainty, each song is completely unique and fully capable of standing alone, yet we get the sense that there is a strong connection between the songs and their themes. From Cephalic Carnage, a more emotional, melodic, and even humorous side to them has surfaced with this new delicious jewel. 10/10" – Blistering.com

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